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Darrel DeMoss

Updated 05/25/2014


Darrel Demoss
101 Garden Street
Hot Springs, AR 71901
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Darrel DeMoss was born in Kansas in 1951 and spent his early years traveling throughout the Midwest, living in Kansas, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Moving as many as five or six times a year, he lived much like a gypsy. This constant movement created a desire for something permanent in his life, something he could control. So entered Art.

He began drawing cartoon figures in the west Texas sand at an early age. This early interest in drawing was the catalyst for a lifetime of artistic expression, eventually leading to an insatiable desire to sculpt. Sculpture is where his talent and ambition manifested itself, and where he excels.

This all-consuming desire to create sculpture led to an eventual undergraduate degree in art from Northeastern State University, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and graduate work at the University of Tulsa, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In 1986 he was fortunate enough to land a job at an art foundry in Tulsa, working as a metal chaser. This was the beginning of his great “Odyssey” in sculpture and bronze casting. Within two years, Darrel and his friend and co-worker Gary Hale, started their own casting studio in south Tulsa. They cast and finished artwork for many well-known artists in a three state area for several years in that shop. In 1991, Darrel left Tulsa to start his own casting studio in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He worked with several Arkansas sculptors at this studio for several years till he was finally able to concentrate solely on his own work.

Since around 2002, Darrel has worked exclusively on his own work, sculpting, molding, casting and finishing every piece of sculpture. He takes great pride in the fact that each and every one of his sculptures is entirely the work of his own hands. He excels in every aspect of the sculpting and casting process which is evident in the professional quality of his work. His workmanship is uncompromising and of the highest order. Keeping this high bar for himself has led to may awards over the years and to the acclaim of fellow artists. He continues to this day maintain and working in his studio in Hot Springs, Arkansas.



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After The Dance

He Ain’t Heavy

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