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Anne Mitchell

Updated 05/25/2014


Anne Mitchell
5993 Round springs Rd
Clinton, AR 72031
ph 501-745-7760

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Anne Mitchell practices several disciplines of art, which are photography, painting and sculpture. She grew up being involved in one area or the other, from a laboratory research photographer, a studio painter, and commercial photographer to sculptor. She has traveled the U.S. and parts of Europe, enjoying the diversity of art and life in these areas. Being an alternative education teacher for years, Anne would incorporate art into all of the subject matter that was taught, believing that besides reinforcing the area of study, that the application of art would create a different view of life interactions in these areas for her students. This is how Anne would also see life, from a panoramic canvas to a minute focal point, both containing a world of wealth. Anne works with various media types when sculpting. “It all depends on my mood and the subject matter, which material I use. I may desire the warmth of the wood grain to carve or to discover what the cold block of plaster holds within it.” At present, Anne’s sculpture base is wax or clay, and then poured into bronze. This is fitting for the horse series that is currently in progress.

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